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u s senate senators - links to biographical information senate service accomplishments military service awards and honors and more for current and former senators, united states senate wikipedia - the united states senate is the upper chamber of the united states congress which along with the united states house of representatives the lower chamber, c span org national politics history nonfiction books - c span org gives you access to c span s daily coverage of washington and more than 200 000 hours of extensively indexed and archived c span video, u s senator bob casey of pennsylvania - u s senator bob casey knows that public service is a privilege and that he was elected to fight for pennsylvania priorities and pennsylvania values he is working to, 2014 united states senate elections wikipedia - elections to the united states senate on november 4 2014 were a part of the united states 2014 elections and in some areas for a period of time ending november 4, topic senate united states government britannica com - united states senate united states senate one of the two houses of the legislature congress of the united states established in 1789 under the, kid rock for us senate 2018 - thank you for subscribing back to top paid for by me, debbie stabenow democrat for u s senate - debbie is focused on standing up for michigan families helping michigan businesses create jobs at home protecting our great lakes outdoor heritage, senators by state list with senate candidates american - see us senators in united states senate listed by state of senator two senators per state along with candidates for senator in united states senate, dave strider strider candidate us senate - sign up here to plege your vote can we count on your vote join the list of people willing to vote for dave strider we will update you when it is time to vote, welcome dr kelli ward kelliward com - kelli entered politics by running for a seat in the arizona state senate in her effort to defeat obamacare after winning a tough primary election in 2012 she was, jeff merkley for u s senate oregon - jeff merkley was born in the small town of myrtle creek oregon the son of a sawmill worker as an advocate and a state legislator he always fought hard for working